About us

The Muse Academy is situate at Close A, Adekunle Bisi street, in a serene area of Ogudu GRA. It is a unique crafts school that offers varied courses that range from bead making to fine art with a large emphasis placed on cookery.

The Chef school aims to produce the next generation of highly sought after Chefs through our diverse teaching methods and techniques. The courses cover the use of basic ingredients as well as advanced techniques used to prepare food in these modern times.

The application of basic techniques are repeated at all levels in all courses so that the students can grasp and recognise them easily in order to be spontaneous and successful. The Academy offers students the opportunity to learn and excel in any field they choose on successful completion of the fundamentals in both theory and practical classes.

We have adopted the ' involve me ' approach to learning and our classes are a well balanced mix of theory and practical. At various intervals during the year, celebrity chefs and artists come into the school to do demonstrations and share with us some of their best kept secrets.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced craftsman with plenty of experience under your belt, there is a course for everyone at The Muse Academy.

Our Mission

The Muse Academy aims to promote a dedicated clique of individuals with a strong and sustainable foundation in modern and traditional culinary techniques as well an on depth approach to learning arts and crafts.

Our Values

The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that little extra
~ Jimmy Johnson

Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back
~ John Donohke, Ana n Cara : a book of litte wisdom


Mrs Ope Tejuoso

Mrs Ope Tejuoso is a lawyer who opted to leave 'the wig for the wok'. She learnt her craft at the prestigious Leiths School of Food and Wine London from where she obtained a beginners certificate in food and an Advanced certificate in food and Wine.
She worked as a chef at the L'Meridien EKO hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
She has certificates from Squires Kitchen, Surrey, UK, Wilton certificates in cake decoration and several other certificates from several courses attended over the years.

She has been in the baking and culinary industry for over 16 years and has attended many courses and exhibitions within  and outside Nigeria in order to broaden her knowledge.

She is the author of the cookery book 'The MuseYum.


Head of Kiddies club:

Adetoun Sanwoolu is the MD/CEO of HotHobs Limited, a leading catering company in Lagos, Nigeria.

She is a professional human resources practitioner and she bagged an MA in HR in the UK where she also acquired her Chartered institute of Personnel Development Certification ( CIPD). She has work experience in that field spanning over 13 years.

She gathered her cooking expertise over the years mainly from Mama's kitchen when she was little kid. She grew to love cooking at a very tender age, she would later come up with her own innovative cookery spices. From cooking for large family functions, she started getting jobs from friends and now she carters for different events that range from office functions to wedding ceremonies.

Adetoun has a deep passion for children and teaching them how to cook is a walk in the park.